Guidelines for creators

Welcome to our content creation guidelines!

Dear content creator, welcome to our guideline page, where you can get all the information about writing a tour on Ptolemy!

We have tried to make our offer to accurate guides as supportive as possible. By joining our creator network, you could enjoy a series of well-deserved benefits like an increased audience and client reach, exposure to your ideas and a steady passive income from sales of your content. You are also welcome to advertise your real-life guide services, featuring extra information for the independent traveller.

We think your experience is extremely valuable, and we look forward to valorising it in the best possible way. Below you will find all our requirements and objectives for developing quality content according to our principles.

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We believe in only one rule: “give space to your passion”. Passion is what makes us unique in what we do.

Thematic content

All our tours are characterised by a theme that stands out from the competition and enhances the destination. In addition, the points of interest within each route are linked by a 'common thread' of historical, artistic or cultural relevance. This creates a storytelling value that enhances the place’s cultural heritage.

For everyone

Focusing on only one type of customer we think is limiting. Our content is designed for everyone: We provide different levels of difficulty, satisfying young readers, inexperienced travellers and academic professors. Our content is conceived for everyone, so no matter who and where our reader is, we want to give everybody the same opportunity to explore (even from home!)

Heritage conservation and protection

Ptolemy was created to bond with a place and amuse explorers. Immersive, entertaining, and surprising content is our tool to fight mass tourism and promote valorisation in a shallow market. We believe that making our readers curious and amazed is our strength to make them fall in love with the place they visit and its untouchable values.

We believe in awareness and therefore in a more sustainable way of doing tourism.

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