Tourism today represents as much as 13% of the EU's total GDP, a share of wealth so large that it ends up hurting the places that generate it, stripping them of diversity and growing more and more “disneylands” around the continent. Our goal is to resist brainless travel by supporting the right people and institutions that have the knowledge to promote their destinations.

We offer a high quality navigation application and travel guide for tourists, written by experts and supported by open data. Unlike our competitors, we offer a real home-made map that offers information about any place around you, and our self-guided tours represent insightful writing, not more mass-tourism advertisements. We also deal with B2B in a way that promotes the destination, not just our partners.

Our proof of concept sits right on this website, and you can download our progressive web application from your browser settings.

We are two full-time dedicated junior professionals with the right skills to make this happen and we currently collaborate with a small team of passionate designers, history writers and guides who believe in us. We welcome anyone aligning with our goal to discuss a potential investment. If you are looking for more information, please contact us for our deck.

Thank you!

Simo and Nick