A journey through the Flamenco culture in Seville
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Seville is one of those places capable of bringing back tradition, celebration, dance, art, sensuality and history.

Flamenco Museum
(by Anual, CC BY 3.0 Wikimedia Commons)

(by Anual, CC BY 3.0 Wikimedia Commons)

We cross the Triana Bridge, and in just 15 minutes walk, we reach the Flamenco Museum.

The Flamenco Museum is the only museum of its kind in the world, and it is hosted in a historic 18th-century building erected on the foundations of an ancient Roman temple. 

It has four floors and an Andalusian patio, unique in the Ecijano style in Seville. The museum’s walls were erected around an urn containing the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, and various Hindu scriptures, signifying a spirit of peace.

It is located in the city centre, in the Santa Cruz district and was created thanks to the initiative of the famous Sevillian “bailaora” (dancer), Cristina Hoyos.

Visiting the museum is a unique experience to savour all facets of this art. Visitors from all over the world linger to admire Flamenco’s dancing, singing and guitar playing.

It is possible to expand the visit to the whole city and savour Seville’s art, culture, tradition, handicrafts, history and novelty. Still, Flamenco remains the art present in any hidden corner. For those who would like to witness a performance and representation of this living culture, we recommend continuing the tour in the following neighbourhood: Santa Cruz.


1. Triana

2. “Triana al arte Flamenco” monument

3. Flamenco Museum

4. Santa Cruz