<p>Landscape with Hocheppan Castle, South Tyrol (painting by F._C._Kiaerskou)</p>
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A real leap into the past, in a fairytale atmosphere among castles, vineyards and forests.

(by Hubert Berberich, CC BY 3.0 Wikimedia Commons)

(by Hubert Berberich, CC BY 3.0 Wikimedia Commons)

A few minutes walk from Eppan Castle stands an isolated square tower called ‘Kreideturm’. This defensive tower appears to have been a strategic outpost of the neighbouring castle of Appiano. The building was surrounded by a curtain wall, the remains of which can still be seen all around. A second opening with a round arch gave access to the disappeared wooden patrol walkway (a raised walkway hidden behind the battlements of a castle that allowed archers and crossbowmen to shoot arrows and arrows while being protected by the walls). Traces of the tower’s original white plastering still remain, which may be the reason for its German-language name (Kreide, ‘chalk’). This name, however, could also be related to signalling fires. Given the tower’s position, many castles and places up to several kilometres away could be seen. This was, in fact, a simple and effective method of warning of dangers (such as invasions of armies) to neighbouring kingdoms or other possessions. We now continue along the path towards Appiano Castle.


1. The journey begins

2. Kreideturm

3. Appiano (Eppan) Castle

4. Boymont Castle

5. Korb Castle