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Venice: the adventures of Giacomo Casanova

Venice: the adventures of Giacomo Casanova

This is the story of Giacomo Casanova, one of the most interesting and controversial figures


Through the streets and canals of Venice, this tour aims to discover the character of Casanova, a renowned 19th-century traveller and citizen of the Republic of Venice. Although the author of a rather conspicuous literary production, including treatises and essays on various subjects and literary works, he is still remembered today mainly as an adventurer and for his eventful love life, to say the least. In a city where distances between houses were measured in spans, people travelled by gondola, and there were crowds of servants who gossiped incessantly, it was unthinkable to keep anything secret. So let us discover among Venice’s characteristic canals the adventures of the man who made his name the antonomasia (‘to be a casanova’) of the refined seducer and libertine.


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Early Modern
Republic of Venice
Giacomo Casanova
Venice: the adventures of Giacomo Casanova
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December 30, 2022

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