Leonardo: the genius in Milan
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A unique tour for a special person. Explore Milan through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci.

The masterpiece
Heritage place of interest.

Within the complex of the Basilica, which miraculously survived the bombings of World War II, stands the adjacent refectory, containing one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most recognised and famous works: “The Last Supper”. 

The fresco depicts Jesus as he announces his betrayal to the twelve apostles with the famous phrase: “Truly, truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me”. 

Leonardo relied on a unique new experimental dry technique for this fresco, which allowed the artist time for long, sophisticated and perfectionist studies. As a result, The Last Supper contrasts the classic fresco tempera, characterised by short drying periods. 

This new type of painting offered a unique beauty and quality but also an unfortunate incompatibility with the humidity of the surrounding environment. Consequently, the masterpiece began to suffer damage very early, just a few years after its completion. For this reason, the restoration of this fresco should be considered a work that stands up to the beauty and perfection of Leonardo’s work. 

The light effects and a gentle harmony between symmetry and depth make us admire this masterpiece with an emotionally involved experience. It is a must-see on the artist’s journey of discovery and a destination with independent value for one’s personal artistic and cultural background.


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8. The masterpiece

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11. A creativity that will last forever