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A short itinerary focused on the history of Europe's oldest ghetto

Scola Canton
Heritage place of interest.

Founded by the Jewish community from southern France between 1531 and 1532, the Scola Canton is also a synagogue of the Ashkenazi rite located in Campo Ghetto Nuovo in the corner building of the neighbourhood. The baroque style with rococo aspects of the currently observable building derives from 18th-century renovations. 

The synagogue is considered unique in Europe for a cycle of eight panels with wooden bas-reliefs depicting some biblical events: the city of Jericho, the crossing of the Red Sea, the altar of sacrifices, the manna, the Ark on the banks of the Jordan, Korak, the gift of the Torah, and Moses as he pours water from the rock. 

The name Canton has two possible origins: the Canton family, who strongly desired the temple or the place where it was set up: a corner called “cantón” in Venetian dialect.


1. The origin of the name

2. The architecture

3. The economy

4. Synagogues

5. Scola Grande Tedesca

6. Scola Canton

7. Scola Italiana