Be present through the past.

Aspiring to bring a change in tourism, Ptolemy helps you discover a world of culture by bringing together quality storytelling and awesome cartography.


We are creating a map of true points of interest, i.e. places of cultural heritage. On this map you may take self-guided audio tours, read stories, book tickets and get in touch with the genuine historical identity of your destination. In the future, we want to create a tool to help people discover heritage and visualize history using modern tech.


We believe in resisting brainless travel by supporting people having the knowledge to promote the right side of their destinations.

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NO'HMA is a free theatre, without limits or preclusions, because it is independent. It is a project that operates on the frontier of the new that flows, often under trace, in every corner of the world. Open to themes often excluded by traditional culture, it knocks down walls, mixes languages and cultural codes to find new ways of communication, creation and artistic elaboration. A space where people can represent themselves, reflect on their condition and promote (imagine) change. A fixed point in the cultural landscape, but in constant movement. A revolutionary and unique idea of Theatre for all, where no ticket is required, but a genuine interest in human dignity and relationships between people.

Leonardo3 – <strong>The World of Leonardo Exhibition</strong> is one of the most important events of the year. This exhibition is not to be missed. The discovery of Leonardo da Vinci, the artist and inventor, with working models of his machines and digitalized restorations of his paintings, a worldwide first. Leonardo3 is also an innovative research center whose mission is to study, interpret and make cultural heritage available to the public through the use of avant-garde, internally-developed methods and technology.
<span class="VIpgJd-yAWNEb-VIpgJd-fmcmS-sn54Q">A path of 300 km through the </span><span class="VIpgJd-yAWNEb-VIpgJd-fmcmS-sn54Q">heart of Italy</span><span class="VIpgJd-yAWNEb-VIpgJd-fmcmS-sn54Q">, which starting from Umbria, runs through the whole of Lazio and arrives near the border with Campania. </span><span class="">An itinerary of 16 stages in the footsteps of </span><strong><span class="">St. Benedict of Norcia.</span></strong>
SloWays is the tour operator for slow travelers. We organize walking and cycling trips for multi-day tours. We love freedom, and we are specialists in independent travel, so you can explore territories you don't know the easy way. We take care of everything from reservations to luggage transport.
Tigullio Trekking wants to give more scope to our idea of ​​Tourism: "A slow Tourism, represented by conscientious and responsible people who have opened their eyes and their minds on the problems that really grip our planet"
A cultural project aiming at the valorisation of the Visconti castles in the Milanese metropolitan area. The Municipality of Trezzano Sul Naviglio, the Consortium of the Municipalities of the Navigli and the Milan Politecnico (DAStU _Laboratory TeCMArcH) are part of the Working Group led by the Municipality of Cusago in partnership with the Association of Social Promotion - Ente del Terzo Settore Banca del Tempo di Cusago.


Stay tuned

We are still developing our web app and our map, but you can sign up so we let you know when we're fully ready to take off.