Content creation

Content Creation

Join our content creation program and earn with us by valorising the destination!

How it works

Our mission is to preserve, value and promote cultural heritage. We believe in local knowledge and digitize it for deeper cultural discovery. This means adding value to your offer and helping your destination to stand out in a world of mass tourism.

By content creation, we mean self-guided audio tours highlighting several points of interest in a place through storytelling that unites them under a central theme. After identifying a potential tour and creating a first draft, you can simply send it to us.

After receiving your writing, we revise your content according to our criteria, digitize it, and upload it on our platform. Then, you can choose whether you want to price your tour/s to customers or give it for free as a valuable offer of your destination.

Now your tour is ready to be purchased by our unique cultural users and has the potential to be experienced daily by one or more members of our growing community.

At this point, you can start linking and publishing your tour within your network and promote it on social or at your tourism desk. Remember: locals can also enjoy our content!

Who can participate

  • Travel guides
  • History, arts, culture professionals and experts
  • Non-profit organizations (like local entities and associations)
  • Public bodies at communal and regional levels
  • OTAs and local travel agencies
Do you possess local knowledge of your destination? Do you want to share your passion and local values with others? Are you willing to promote your work while earning with us?



You work once and you and the destination benefit day and night 24/7. After a tour is created you start potentially earning and supporting your destination for a deeper and more aware kind of tourism.


Broader reach of targeted customers. Our users are characterised by their cultural interests, bringing value to the place.


Free advertisement of your activity by putting your picture/logo and contact details on the tour page you created (either you are a tour guide, individual, travel agency, or NGO). This is optional.

Get in touch

If you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to email us.

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